"How can I help my baby sleep better?" For thousands of exhausted parents, the answer is Sleepy Bug: Baby and Toddler Sleep Coaching- winner of Philadelphia magazine's "Best of Philly" award for sleep consulting services. Together, we will create an individualized sleep plan tailored to your baby, toddler or pre-schooler. To learn how I can help your entire family get more sleep, please call me at 267-432-1020 for a FREE, 15 MINUTE ASSESSMENT.

Meet Andrea, Certified Gentle Sleep Coach

This smiling family wasn't always so happy.

My transition to parenthood wasn’t as smooth as I hoped. Birth and breastfeeding were unexpectedly challenging. Luckily, there was support. But not for sleep. The conflicting sleep advice from books, websites and family left me confused and overwhelmed. “Why?” I wondered, wasn’t there someone to help parents with their baby’s sleep?

I vowed that if I survived the first year of motherhood, I would create a sleep support service for families with young children. The result was Sleepy Bug: Baby and Toddler Sleep Coaching, Philadelphia’s first and premier sleep consulting service. Since 2009, Sleepy Bug has helped hundreds of exhausted families create customized sleep plans that work with their demanding works schedules and family obligations.

My clients come to me after months (sometimes years) of sleeping on nursery floors, couches and air mattresses. They spend countless hours reading books and scouring the internet for answers. Their own sleep deprivation leads to depression, anxiety, weight loss, insomnia, and the exacerbation of pre-existing conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. Their marriages, jobs and children are stressed and strained. And still their baby and toddlers aren’t sleeping.

Finding someone who listens and provides ongoing support makes a world of difference. The same, exhausted parents who were convinced that their child’s sleep issues were insurmountable emerge rejuvenated and with a new found confidence. Thank you in advance for spreading the word about Sleepy Bug, a service I so desperately needed when I was that exhausted, new mother.


Andrea Elovson, CGSC
Founder, Sleepy Bug, LLC

Andrea Elovson is a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach and member of the Association of Professional Sleep Coaches. Sleepy Bug is the winner of Philadelphia Magazine’s “Best of” award for sleep coaching. Andrea has been featured on CNN.com, Parents, Kiwi, The Expectant Mother’s Guide to Philadelphia, Main Line Magazine, Parents’ Express, and the Springfield Sun. Andrea is a preferred provider for Philadelphia based pediatricians, doula services and breastfeeding resource organizations. She holds workshops in Center City, South Jersey and on the Main Line. www.sleepy-bug.com or call 267-432-1020.

Success Stories

Here are just a few things parents are saying about Sleepy Bug. Visit "testimonials" for more from well rested families.

"Andrea was incredibly helpful with our two and a half year old daugher who decided she wanted us to sleep in her bed every night! After following her advice for just a few days, our daughter’s sleep problems resolved, and now she sleeps on her own without complaint. Just as importantly, Andrea helped me feel more in control of an exhausting situation. We are so grateful!"
-Paige P., mother of 2 1/2 year-old Eleanor

"Andrea provided incredible support to us during the hardest time of our son’s young life — he was a terrible sleeper. She was sympathetic, loving and provided us with knowledge on infant sleep in a clear, concise manner. Now our son sleeps beautifully. I’m so glad we found you — it gave us strength to know that we were experiencing something serious and that sleep deprivation was real!"
–Molly C., mother of six month-old Ben

"Andrea makes sleep training much less stressful. I recommend her services to many patients with great results!"
– Alexis Lieberman, M.D. Fairmount Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine

"My husband and I felt like we had read almost every sleep book out there, and in the end we just felt more confused and frustrated to add onto our already weary and sleep deprived state. When we found Andrea it was such a relief! She helped us tackle each problem that we came across and would work to help us find a solution that worked for our child."
– Nicole and T.J. L., parents of Jack, 5 ½ months

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