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A rested child is a happy child. But establishing healthy sleep habits in babies, toddlers and preschoolers can be a huge challenge.

Sleepy Bug takes the stress and guesswork out of improving your child's sleep-both overnight and at naps. As a certified, Gentle Sleep Coach, I have helped hundreds of families resolve frequent night wakings, short naps, sleep regressions, transferring to a crib and "bedtime battles". Sleep training shouldn't mean "crying it out". Sleep improves by respecting your child's age, health and temperament. My sleep consulting services work by blending sleep science, child development and gentle behavioral modification. Together, we will create an individualized sleep plan designed to bring more sleep, and more joy, to your parenting.

Questions about my services? I offer prospective clients a free, 15 minute assessment call at 267-432-1020 or reach me through my contact page.

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Scheduling a sleep consultation is easy. Click here to find the sleep coaching package that's best for your family.


"Andrea makes sleep training much less stressful. I recommend her services to many patients with great results!"

Alexis Lieberman, M.D. Fairmount Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine

"Thank you for everything you’ve done for our family. Lucia has grown into a healthy and happy toddler with your help, support and her great sleep habits!"

Maria G., mother of sixteen month-old, Lucia

"Andrea has developed a program that is desperately needed within the postpartum community. When baby sleeps better, mom feels better! Sleepy Bug is an invaluable resource that moms can rely on for support and guidance during this challenging time."

Karen Kleiman, MSW, Director of The Postpartum Stress Center. Rosemont, PA

“My husband and I felt like we had read almost every sleep book out there, and in the end we just felt more confused and frustrated to add onto our already weary and sleep deprived state. When we found Andrea it was such a relief! She helped us tackle each problem that we came across and would work to help us find a solution that worked for our child.”

Nicole and T.J. L., parents of Jack, 5 ½ months

“Andrea’s support and advice helped us to teach Susannah to sleep better and longer. We really appreciate your support and especially that you are so empathetic to me and concerned about mommy's sleep just as much as you are concerned with baby's sleep.”

Jen and Ron L., parents of Suzannah, 9 months

“As a mother and as the owner of a Parenting Center I have seen the impact of Andrea's work in helping vulnerable, new parents understand and adjust to difficult sleep patterns. It is rare to find somebody who has the knowledge to impact individuals and families like Andrea does. Andrea is warm, sensitive, and humorous and a terrific resource for overwhelmed parents in the early stages of parenting.”

Jesse Menken, Founder/Owner, Ali’s Wagon Parenting Center. Philadelphia, PA

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