Sleep and the end of Daylight Savings Time

If you are a parent, you are most likely dreading the end of daylight savings time which ends at 2 a.m. on the morning of Sunday, November 6th, 2016.   This usually means that your child’s nap and bedtime schedule will shift “back” sixty minutes. As a […]

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Halloween Safety Tips for Babies and Toddlers

The very same things that make trick or treating so much fun can pose safety risks to babies and young children. Here are a few (well tested) tips to protect your littlest ghouls and goblins. Buddy Up: Assign one parent or caretaker to each child and hold hands. […]

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Mother’s Day Sleep Tip #4: Ask for Help

Mother's Day Sleep Tip #4: Ask for Help

Remember how I said that my first sleep tip of the series (Your Sleep Is Not A “Luxury) would be the most difficult for most moms to follow? I lied. Asking for help is even harder. Because for modern moms, reaching out for help is perceived as […]

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Mother’s Day Sleep Tip #3: Create A “Mom Cave”

Mother's Day Sleep Tip #3: Create A "Mom Cave"

In my last post, I suggested going to bed early and throwing caution (and a sit down dinner) to the winds. Carving out 2-3 nights a week to go to bed early can get you an extra 60 hours (or more) of night sleep each month. But […]

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Mother’s Day Sleep Tip #2: Put yourself on a sleep schedule (not your baby)

Mother's Day Sleep Tip #2: Put yourself on a sleep schedule (not your baby)

There is nothing wrong with wanting, craving, lusting after sleep. But trying to make your baby sleep longer so you can sleep longer isn’t the answer. Most babies don’t begin truly sleeping through the night (11-12 hours) until six months. Instead find ways to maximize your sleep—even […]

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Mother’s Day Sleep Tip #1: Your Sleep Is Not A “Luxury”

Mother's Day Sleep Tip #1: Your Sleep Is Not A "Luxury"

What is wrong with this picture? Nothing as far as I am concerned. If it takes a spinning wheel, a strand of pearls and a sun kissed meadow to get you to sleep, awesome! But there are easier ways. Beginning today, I will be posting suggestions to […]

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What if Sleep Training Doesn’t Work?

Holly attended one of my workshops with her son Finn, an incredibly engaging, giggly five month -old. Finn’s night frequent night waking and inability to nap anywhere but in Holly’s arms had taken its toll. Holy was exhausted and worried that holding her son for naps or […]

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Daylight Savings Time: Has Your Child Adjusted?

If your answer is no. You are not alone. For all the advice (including my own “Countdown to Daylight Savings Time”), many children struggle with sleep a week or two after the time change. Shifting your baby or toddler’s schedule by a mere 60 minutes, can lead […]

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Countdown to Daylight Savings Time

  Strap in! Sunday, March 8th, 2015 at 2:00 a.m. marks the beginning of daylight savings time. A time to “Spring Forward”.  Personally, I don’t know any parents who have the urge to “spring” into DST. Most of my clients would rather run the other way. Rather […]

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Avoiding “Bad Habits”

  The surest way to avoid “bad habits” is to never: start smoking, text while you drive  or swipe Splenda from restaurants (unless it’s Starbucks, they kind of deserve it.). In my opinion, anything that pollutes the air, scums up water sheds or causes someone to feel […]

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