Sleep Coaching

Scheduling A Sleep Consultation Is Easy

  • Begin by choosing the sleep consultation that best suits your family. Click here if you have questions about which option to choose
  • Select “Buy Now” and pay via PayPal or major credit card
  • Complete the Family Sleep Questionnaire (which will be sent to your e-mail electronically)
  • I will be in touch with you via e-mail within 24 hours of receiving your completed questionnaire to set up your appointment. (Usually, new clients don’t wait more than a week to consult with me)


Consultations Include:

  • A thorough evaluation of your family sleep questionnaire
  • A private consultation resulting in a personalized, step-by-step sleep plan
  • The opportunity to get ongoing support via telephone follow-ups
  • Please visit my FAQ’s Page for more about my sleep coaching philosophy as well as company policies regarding travel radius and refund policy.


Great Sleep Start, $225/90 min. birth to 4 months

After this 90 minute, telephone session, you will be prepared to solve the most common sleep challenges in the first three months.  This informative, pro-active consultation also includes two follow up phone calls (15 minutes each) and a week of e-mails.

Comprehensive Phone/Skype/Facetime, $350 /90 min.

This option is great for parents who need to schedule sleep consultations during the work day or after the kids have gone to bed. This package  gives you a 90 minute consultation, a written copy of your sleep plan, 3 follow up calls (15 minutes each) and two weeks of e-mails. Recommended for babies and children 4 months plus.

Stand Alone Phone/Skype/Facetime, $225 /90 min. 

This 90 minute consultation is great for parents who have a solid understanding of pediatric sleep but want a step by step plan to follow. Additional phone follow ups can be purchased whenever needed.

Comprehensive Home Package, $425 /90 min.

I will travel to your home for a 90 minute consultation and nursery review. You will also receive a written copy of your sleep plan, 3 follow up telephone calls (15 minutes each) and 2 weeks of e-mails. Family members and caregivers are welcome to attend the consultation. Please click here for details about my travel area. 

Stand Alone Home Visit, $300 /90 min.

I will meet with you at home for a private 90 minute consultation and nursery review. This is a good choice for parents who have a solid understanding of sleep but prefer to consult with me in person to create a sleep plan.
“Sleep tweaks” can be added at any time.

Tired Toddlers, Phone/Skype/Facetime, $350/90 min.

This 90 minute, phone/Skype consultation solves the most common sleep problems of toddlers and pre-schoolers. These may including transferring to a bed, staying in their room overnight and for naps, fear of the dark, nightmares,  and sharing a room with a sibling. Package also includes a written copy of your sleep plan, three phone follow ups (15 minutes each) and two weeks of e-mails. Recommended for children who are in a toddler bed, co-sleeping or climbing out of a crib.

Managing Multiples, $350/120 min. 

This 2 hour, phone/Skype consultation solves the sleep  issues facing families of twins and triplets. Together, we will create a plan that gently establishes a synchronized sleep schedule at naps and overnight. Package also includes two phone follow ups (15 minutes each) and two weeks of e-mails. Recommended for sleep training multiples 5+ months and older

Sleep “Tweaks”, $25 per 15 minutes

These phone-based, follow-up calls are for established clients needing additional support. “Sleep Tweaks” must be purchased and used within 2 months of the initial sleep consultation.


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