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Andrea was incredibly helpful with our two and a half year old daugher who decided she wanted us to sleep in her bed every night!  After  following her advice for just a few days, our daughter’s sleep problems resolved, and now she sleeps on her own without complaint.  Just as importantly, Andrea helped me feel more in control of an exhausting situation.  We are so grateful!
 -Paige P., mother of 2 1/2 year-old Eleanor

Andrea provided incredible support to us during the hardest time of our son’s young life — he was a terrible sleeper. She was sympathetic, loving and provided us with knowledge on infant sleep in a clear, concise manner. Now our son sleeps beautifully. I’m so glad we found  you — it gave us strength to know that we were experiencing something serious and that sleep deprivation was real!
 –Molly C., mother of six month-old Ben

Andrea makes sleep training much less stressful. I recommend her services to many patients with great results!
Alexis Lieberman, M.D. Fairmount Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine

My husband and I felt like we had read almost every sleep book out there, and in the end we just felt more confused and frustrated to add onto our already weary and sleep deprived state. When we found Andrea it was such a relief! She helped us tackle each problem that we came across and would work to help us find a solution that worked for our child.
Nicole and T.J. L., parents of Jack, 5 ½ months

Andrea has developed a program that is desperately needed within the postpartum community. When baby sleeps better, mom feels better! Sleepy Bug is an invaluable resource that moms can rely on for support and guidance during this challenging time.
Karen Kleiman, MSW, Director of The Postpartum Stress Center. Rosemont, PA

Andrea’s support and advice helped us to teach Susannah to sleep better and longer. We really appreciate your support and especially that you are so empathetic to me and concerned about mommy’s sleep just as much as you are concerned with baby’s sleep.
Jen and Ron L., parents of Suzannah, 9 months

As a mother and as the owner of a Parenting Center I have seen the impact of Andrea’s work in helping vulnerable, new parents understand and adjust to difficult sleep patterns. It is rare to find somebody who has the knowledge to impact individuals and families like Andrea does. Andrea is warm, sensitive, and humorous and a terrific resource for overwhelmed parents in the early stages of parenting. Jesse Menken, Founder/Owner, Ali’s Wagon Parenting Center. Philadelphia, PA

Andrea was, from the start, very accessible and reliable. She offered sensible, personalized advice with no pressure and guided us through the difficult process of sleep training our 1-year-old daughter with constant, caring support. She was a call away at trying times with a positive, encouraging attitude that calmed our fears and made us stronger parents.
Jen and Mark B., parents of 12 month-old Anna

When our daughter was about 4 months-old, she would not nap by herself. we had to rock and then hold her while she slept, because as soon as we put her down she would wake up. Andrea provided us with invaluable knowledge, sleeping techniques and encouragement that helped Lily to fall asleep on her own and in her own crib. She was then not only sleeping through the night, but also had 2 good solid naps during the day…and I was finally able to make good use of the time she was asleep, including sometimes taking a nap for myself!
Jessica and Tim M., parents of 4 ½ month-old Lily

After our first phone session with Andrea, my husband and I not only felt more bonded as new parents, but also less frazzled and more confident in taking on our fussy baby. Andrea’s thoughtful insights into our son’s unpredictable sleeping habits allowed us to do minor tweaking that immediately improved his overall temperament dramatically. Not to mention, how LESS sleep deprived we felt. We’re so thankful for Andrea’s warm and understanding guidance. She truly helped frustrated new parents like us. Ros and Andrew W., parents of 4 ½ month-old August

As a brand new parent, I thought I would always WANT to rock my baby to sleep. But as she got older and began to assert her own little personality at bedtime, Andrea helped me to create a bedtime routine that gets her to fall asleep on her own, and stay asleep. Andrea’s gentle education helped us as parents to make the right decisions about bedtime and stick to them, in the interest of more sleep for all of us.
Michelle S., mother of daughter 3 ½ month-old Christina

Two of the most important things Andrea taught us were about sleep cycles and how both my husband and I needed to get larger stretches of sleep at night and to split up the nighttime feedings. This helped everyone to get more rest and have more energy to take care of a newborn. Our daughter is now one and sleeps 11 hours just about every night!
Wendy M., mother of 10 week-old Isabella. Philadelphia, PA

Thank you for everything you’ve done for our family. Lucia has grown into a healthy and happy toddler with your help, support and her great sleep habits!
Maria G., mother of sixteen month-old, Lucia

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